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Loan services

State Bank is offering the following loan services:

Mortgage loan

  • Mortgage loan
  • ”100.000 families” Mortgage Loan

Project Loan

  • SME Development Project Loan, funded by Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Light industry
  • Trade Financing Loan, to promote imports, funded by  “EXIM” bank of Taiwan
  • Condition of Project Loan, under “SME Development and  Environment Protection two step project” funded by JICA
  • Project Loan, funded by Micro Finance Development Fund

Consumer loan

  • Salary loan
  • Pension loan
  • Deposit secured loan
  • Financial leasing
  • Real estate secured loan

Business loan

  • Loan for SME business
  • Loan to purchase real estate
  • Business credit line
For further information, please contact us at:
Customer information center: 1800-1881
Email address: contact@statebank.mn
Fax: 330595

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