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Frequently asked questions

1. Does the bank offer salary loan to those employees from business entity which has contract with the Bank? Is salary loan available for the entities having no contract?

  • Only the employees from entities that have contract with the bank will get salary loan. 

2. If the bank is offering “Private Block with fences” mortgage loan?

  • No. Only apartment mortgage loan is being offered. 

3. While having apartment mortgage loan at a different bank, can the loan be transferred to State bank?

  • No. It is compulsory to close the loan and only then can the State bank examine the loan?

4. Can the loan term be extended?

  • Yes. In order to extend your loan term, you have to meet Relationships Manager at the Bank’s branch where you first got the loan and make the extension of the contract.  

5. Is leasing loan applicable for the automobile being used now in Mongolia?

  • No. It is applicable for new automobiles and for those that have not been used after crossing Mongolian border.

6. In case the loan is repaid in advance before the loan maturity, will the commission charge be required?

  • No commission charge is required. Repayment in advance can be made. 

7. Can an apartment which has not yet been approved by State Technical Commission be collateral or can we pledge it temporarily?

  • The private block with fences can’t be pledged. The loan is allowed to the apartments that is approved by State Technical Commission. 


8. I want to get a loan from the State bank. Can I possibly be under a loan contract in another bank simultaneously?  

  • Yes. You could pay loan for two different banks. You can do so, as long as your earnings are adequate for two loans. Also, your  current loan should not be overdue or non-performing loan under Loan Classification. 

9. Is it must for me to go pay the loan and loan payment at the branch I got the loan.

  • You can make your payments at any State bank branch or other banks’ branches. 
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