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Personal number service

Personal number service is an advanced new service of State Bank that enables to use 4-8 digit numbers instead of account number for transactions.  

You can make a transfer using the Personal number service through the following channels:

  • Gyals banking service
  • State Bank’s ATM
  • State Bank’s branch and units

Personal number service features:
ONE customer chooses ONE personal number and customer can change the personal number and deactivate the service. If the service is deactivated that personal number could be chosen by another customer. You are able to choose any number for Personal number instead of your account number. Such as: birth date, phone number, vehicle number etc.

Receiving money through Personal number:

Sender is able to transfer money using your “Personal number” instead of your account number. When sender transfers money using your Personal number through Gyals banking service or ATM, you will receive transaction information by message to your registered mobile phone.

To register for Personal number service:
You can get your Personal number through the following channels:

  1. By coming to Bank unit and completing service form,
  2. By logging into Gyals banking service and choosing Get Personal number from Other service menu,
  3. By calling and registering to Customer Information Center at 1800-1881. In this case your mobile phone number that you calling from will be registered as your Personal number.

Personal number service condition

Service Commission, fee
Annual fee< Free of charge
Send message to receiver’s mobile phone Free


For further information, please contact us at:
Customer information center: 1800-1881
Email address: contact@statebank.mn
Fax: 330595

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