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Internet trading or E-commerse service

Trade via Internet or e-commerce is an purchasing activity in which consumer make purchase of goods and products through the web sites in the internet environment, payment service and/or a sale of goods and products which is done through internet web sites.

Privacy: It is important to secure privacy of the card holders in internet purchases and payment transactions.  Therefore, from the part of State bank, the Bank is ensuring the security of the transaction data of the internet service providers via SSL 3.0 certificate and transfer its confidential data through the protocol as to avoid the occurrence of data hacking and/or the data being lost to the third party.   

Advantage: most of the sites being used in Mongolia does not employ SSL certificate and our bank is using the most up-to-date version SSL for ensuring the safety. 
Items required for receiving non-cash transaction through online from State bank are as follows:

  • To cooperate with our bank, your entity must meet following requirements:
  • Service that is not forbidden by law of Mongolia
  • Consecutive 6 months of operation’s continuity 
  • Be the consumer of the State bank. 
  • Be interested in receiving payment via card. 

If you decide to cooperate with the State bank in fields of internet purchase and receiving non-cash transaction, a contract must be entered into, and in advance following documents must be provided to us. The documents include: 

  • To fill in an application form of the Bank for corporate (bank form in the attached file) which is willing to have debit card service. 
  • Copy of state registration certificate of corporation
  • Copy of certificate of special license (in case the operation require special license)
  • Copy of national ID card of corporation’s CEO
  • Entity’s introduction

Internet service entities of the State bank: 
The consumer may make purchase through web sites of internet based trading and service providing entities contracted with the State bank, and make payment of the goods and services with your state bank card with help of internet pin code. 
Internet pin code may be acquired from any State bank ATM or consult consumer’s information centre at 1800-1881. 


State Bank is cooperating following merchants who engaged in E-commerce service:

Merchant organizations Introduction
1 CENTER FOR EDUCATION EVALUATION https://www.eec.mn/  Every year high school students have to register and pay for state examination through online, in order to enter university or college. Now you are able to pay registration fee through State Bank card.
2 UNITEL LLC https://www.e-unitel.mn/unitel Unitel Group. Unitel customers now able to make monthly payments, unit purchase and other services.
3 SKYTEL LLC https://www.skytel.mn/  Skytel company, You are able to make monthly payment and unit purchasing through online.
4 G-MOBILE LLC https://g-mobile.mn/store/  G-Mobile company, Purchasing unit and other services are available
5 Mongolian State University of Culture and Arts https://msuac.edu.mn/  Registering students are able to pay registration fee through this website.
6 MOBICOM / NEWTEL LLC /https://www.tedy.mn/  Mobicom customers are able to make any purchase and payment through this website. monthly payment, unit, cell phones and smart phones.
7 National University of Mongolia https://www.num.edu.mn/  Registering students are able to pay registration fee through this website.
8 NEXT ELECTRONICS LLC https://enext.mn/index.php/page?id=5 This is joint website for Next Electronics LLC and Mebel Town LLC. You are able to purchase home appliances such as electronics, modern best furnitures.
9 University of Humanities https://www.humanities.mn/  Registering students are able to pay registration fee through this website.
10 BSB TRADING LLC https://www.ebsb.mn/  This is an official website of BSB Trading LLC which offers best quality, cheapest prize, wide variety of products.
11 DATACOM LLC https://www.datacom.mn/  This website sells domain names.
12 DOCTOR AUTO CHAIN LLC https://cardoctor.mn/  Sells spare parts and other equipments of car
13 VOIMMONGOLIA https://voimmongolia.com/  VOIM MONGOLIA LLC, This website is an official website of online english video training which makes their payment through online.
14 ABAKA TECHNOLOGY LLC https://www.monda.mn/#events This website is for purchasing all event tickets held in UB city through online.
15 NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC MAGAZINE https://nationalgeographic.mn/ You can purchase NATIONAL GEOGRAPHY Magazine through online from this website.
16 GREEN DROP LLC https://www.citymall.mn/ You can buy and purchase any clothes from this website.
17 INSTITE OF FINANCE and ECONOMICS www.ife.edu.mn/  Registering students for this school are able to pay registration fee through this website..
18 FANTASY TOY LLChttps://www.fantasytoy.mn/mn/   
19 ASTVISION LLC https://www.yunden.mn/ You are able to purchase and order any traditional clothing, and outfits
20 SANSAR CABLE LLC https://sansarcatv.mn/ Sansar cable customers are able to pay their monthly fee through this website.
21 SANSAR INTERNET LLC https://sansar.mn/ Customers who uses Sansar Internet are able to pay their monthly fee through this website.
22 WWW.DLUX.MN https://www.dlux.mn/ Internet shop for women's clothing. You are able to order and purchase through online.
23 AZ HUR LLR https://www.book.mn/  This is subsidiary company of "Munkhiin Useg Group" which is one of the biggest printing company in market. You are able to buy any books and printings through this website.
24 ULAANBAATAR CINEMA LLC https://tengis.mn/ You are able to order tickets from Tengis Movie theatre through online.
25 NEWTOUR SAFARIS LLC https://ticket.urgoo.mn/visinternetticketing1/ You are able to order tickets from URGOO Cinema through online.
26 UNIVISION https://www.univision.mn/  You can pay monthly fee for Univision Service through this website.
27 ROCKMASTER LLC https://www.easyticket.mn/ This website is for purchasing all event tickets held in UB city through online.
28 KEWIKO LLC https://kewiko.mn/ KEWIKO LLC, We made extensive wireless network throughout UB city and selling our WiFi card through online.
29 HUUR MEDIA LLC https://www.xyyp.mn/ Our company sells CD and Albums from popular band and singer through online.
30 NARAN ELO LLC https://www.enaran.mn/ NARAN ELO LLC sells electronic devices and you are able to purchase and order any product through our website.
For further information, please contact us at:
Customer information center: 1800-1881
Email address: contact@statebank.mn
Fax: 330595

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