MSF 8 Principles

Protecting our natural environment

We will adopt an approach to protect and properly use soil, water, air, biodiversity and natural resources. 

Respecting human rights

We will respect human rights and provide labor conditions that ensure human health, safety and equality. 

Protecting our historic and cultural heritage

We will preserve and protect the unique cultural heritage of Mongolia, which represents a specific historical time, such as traditions, language and as well as cultural, historical, archeological and paleontological heritage.

Promoting ”Green Economic Growth”

We will support and encourage renewable energy, energy-efficient solutions, clean production and any green initiatives. 

Promoting financial inclusion

We will adopt an approach to develop and encourage products and services for social groups who have limited access to financial services including SMEs, female-headed families, elderly and disabled citizens. 

Complying with a list of items prohibited to be financed

We will not finance a general list of businesses, products and services with environmental and social harm, or tolerate actions prohibited by international laws and the laws of Mongolia, and adopt an approach to promote best practices of ethics and company governance.

Promoting transparency and accountability

Within the laws of Mongolia, we will be responsible, open and transparent, and adopt an approach to support fair competition and not tolerate corruption. 

Practice what we preach

We will implement these Sustainable Finance Principles in our own business operations and will seek to lead by example for society, public, other business sectors and our clients.